Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two Months

Olivia Grace, you are two months old! You had your appointment yesterday and weighed 10lbs 14oz and 22.75" tall (25%). You are wearing size 1 diaper and 3m clothes.  

You are still exclusively breastfed (yay for us!), and you eat roughly every 2.5-3hrs during the day and sleep from 7:30-8 at night to 7 in the morning. You still will not take a pacifier so you spend a little part of falling asleep chewing on your hand or fussing.

You're getting so good at holding your head up and mimicking facial expressions. Olivia, you have the best smile, we just love it. You also love your swing. The mobile catches your attention and I think you much prefer being up near everyone as opposed to down on the floor - tummy time is your least favorite thing. I'm excited for you to get older so we can play more and do more fun things together with your sister. 

Olivia Grace, you are such a sweetie. We are so thankful that you have come into our lives and are looking forward to watching you grow. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The First Eight Weeks

{two weeks}

The first eight weeks of Olivia Grace's life have been a blur - between the baby blues and struggles with PPD, feeding every 3 hrs, daily demands and a toddler who decided that now would be a good time to start climbing out of her crib, I'm surprised we made it. But we did, and no one got hurt! So, here's a little sum up of what's been going on in the Stafford house:

{four weeks}

Olivia Grace has been super sweet. Our biggest struggle is that she WILL NOT take a pacifier. She's already learned how to self-sooth but since she won't take a pacifier it involves a few minutes of fussing to get settled (both in my arms and in her bed). This is fine when we're home, but we get a lot of glances when we're out in public. She's breastfeeding like a champ, and we're having much greater success than I did last time. For that, I am so thankful! At five weeks, she was a little over 9lbs and 21in long. (30%). She still has dark brown hair and blue eyes - but those will most likely change. 

{seven weeks}

As far as milestones go. She's smiling and learning to hold her head up. The best milestone (for me at least) is that she is sleeping through the night! She eats roughly every 3hrs during the day with her last feeding at 10:30pm and then sleeps until 6-6:30am. I gotta tell you, life changes when your baby starts sleeping through the night. 

{don't worry, she's fine}

Eloise has been so funny. At first she wasn't too interested in Olivia Grace. She didn't dislike her, just didn't really want anything to do with her either. She has been a great helper. Getting diapers, making sure sister has a blanket, and other small tasks we ask of her. She's gradually warmed to her, though, and will hold her and kiss her forehead. It's really endearing. 

{sisterly love}

One major milestone for miss Eloise has been that she decided to climb out of her crib. So we now have a 'big girl bed'. I will say, that is not something I wanted to do during the first months of little sister's life, but Eloise has been a champ and is gradually getting better and better. *More on that whole process later. 

Overall, it has been challenging but not impossible. Full Hands = Full Hearts. 

Also, Eloise at one & two months. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monogrammed Weekender Duffle Giveaway

White House Monogramming is giving away a Monogrammed Weekender Duffle in your choice of navy, brown, black or red straps (a $124.99 value!) These bags are awesome. They're made of sturdy canvas with leather handles, and with it's classic look, you can't lose. 

I am so excited for mine to come in. This constant cold weather has me day dreaming about long weekends at the beach or maybe even a stay-cation here in ATL. What about you, where would you go on your weekend vacation? 

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below: 

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