Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Month

Eloise, you are one month old! You are just the sweetest baby and a wonderful addition to our family. 

You are growing each day! Right now you weigh 8lbs 9oz (25-50%) and are 21in long (50%). You are still wearing newborn diapers and newborn clothes, but we are gradually putting you in bigger things. 

You eat every 3 hours during the day and go 3-4 hrs at night. We are starting to spread out the time between feedings. Sleep training is going well, but we will have to wait and see how well. Each day you are becoming more alert which is just so fun. I love it when you look up at me with those big blues eyes. You are such a wonderful baby. It is so easy to take you out. You love your car seat and pretty much sleep the whole time. The hardest part is when you cry because you're tummy is upset. You barely cry, and so when you do and we can't do anything to help you, it makes us very sad. My biggest frustration with you is that you spit up all the time so you are either always wearing a bib or your clothes get super messy. But if that's as bad as it's going to be, we'll take it. 

Your father and I are so blessed. We love you so much! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Announcing: Eloise Anne Stafford

She's here! 

Eloise was born Friday, April 27 at 12:45 in the afternoon. She weighed 5lbs 15oz. We are so in love! 

{Proud Grandparents}

{My mom}

{Headed home}

More details to come...
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